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Kick back and relax for National Napping Day

Mr. Sandman, bring me a nap! Whoever declared a national day just for napping should be given an award. We highly approve of it!

For most of us, there aren’t enough hours in a day. We go to work, come home, try to fit in a nice dinner with the family, and enjoy some down time before repeating the process. Some of us will also attempt to squeeze in a session at the gym, a chapter in a new book, or a weekly group at school or church. Who has time to nap under those circumstances?!

Cozy up with some of our best-loved bedroom textiles in celebration of National Napping Day. From soft pillows and warm blankets, we’ve got you covered!

Set up your napping space

Before jumping into the types of textiles you’ll need, prepping a prime nap space is crucial. Sure, you might not always have the luxury of doing this if you’re fitting in a 10-minute nap during the work day. But, if you’re in the comfort of your home, finding a napping space translates into ultimate me-time. Choose a spot that’s comfortable, has room for pillows and blankets, and where you can control the lighting to your needs.


We all have different pillow preferences. For example, I like a cool pillow that conforms to my head and neck – and only one. Whether you like to have one pillow or 10, IKEA has more than enough options. I love the KLOTULLÖRT body pillow during nap time – perfect for side sleepers!


My husband can attest to this: blankets are my best friend during naptime and bedtime (and I don’t like to share). Even through humid summer days, I need at least 2 blankets to help me drift into dreamland. The GURLI throw and HÖNSBÄR extra warm comforter are my top picks for sweet dreams.

While fitting in a nap might not be the easiest task, it can be accomplished. Take a cat-nap while on your lunch break or a lazy afternoon at home, for instance. 

Nap away!

~ Gina

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